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Port of Call (

I was in New Orleans last summer to cover the Texans vs Saints pre-season practices.  As soon I jumped in the car I was told we would be going to a restaurant that has the best burger in the state.  Every time John Granato said “Port of Call”, I thought he was saying protocol.  It was only when I saw the restaurant that I found out it was indeed Port of Call.  

I only knew two things about this places, one the burger comes with a loaded baked potato (no fries in this joint) and the second, you better know what you want to order or else the staff will not help you.  I was definitely intimidated as I walked in but since I was with a group of people that had been here before, they helped me through the process.  

The place is always jam packed so you better get there early and be ready to wait.  We actually had to buy our seats at the bar (Thanks Chad!) so we could all sit together.  I went with the medium rare and baked potato with everything but bacon bits (even though the bacon bits are free…sour cream and chives are not).  

From the first bite I knew this burger is a top 5 all time.  The meat is delicious and the simplicity of the burger accents the meat.  There is no need to put BBQ sauce or any other kind of condiment on this as the meat itself is the main attraction.  

My Tips to you: Take a cab there and don’t even bother messing with the parking.  You can walk around the quarter afterwards and enjoy the city.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions to the younger staff in the restaurant as they are not hardasses like the crazy lifers running the place.  

Ratings: This burger is in the top 5 all time for me and the meal itself is in the top 10.  I rate this outstanding burger, along with the experience of the place, a solid 8.  

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