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NBA Playoffs Preview

The NBA playoffs are my absolute favorite.  They usually start on my birthday (or the weekend following it) so I’ve always spent my bday weekend watching 20+ of NBA playoffs.  I’ll write round-by-round previews also after watching all those games. 

Time for the preview.  I didn’t watch as much NBA as I wanted this year (see: wedding, left sports radio, and new job) so I won’t be offering the usual thorough breakdown for the NBA playoffs.  Instead I will give you my series winners and quick hits on why.  

Western Conference

Spurs vs Jazz: Spurs in 4

  • Spurs are focused with a deep bench. 
  • The Jazz are good and will slow it down, but can they be consistent?
  • Tony Parker is going wreck Devin Harris. 
  • Can Manu get out of this series without suffering an injury from all the hard fouls that will be committed on him?
  • Tim Duncan

Grizz vs Clippers: Grizz in 6

  • Blake Griffin is going to be exposed.  Yes, he will have some sick dunks, but can he hit a jump shot or operate in the post with a tough double team coming his way?
  • Chris Paul has to put the whole team on his back, doh. 
  • The Grizz need to end this series fast so they’re fresh for the well-rested Spurs.
  • Rudy Gay in the playoffs…hell yes! I’m a big fan of his game.  

Lakers vs Nuggets: Lakers in 5

  • Kobe only had 17.7 PPG against the Nuggets during the regular season.
  • No Ron Artest might be a blessing in disguise.  
  • The Lakers get to show off their new PG in the playoffs against a tough PG matchup in Ty Lawson. 
  • Size will win this series for the Lakers. 

OKC vs Mavericks: OKC in 6

  • Damn, what an opening series to test the favorites from the West.  The Mavericks might not be the same tough team from last year, but they still have Dirk and Kidd (perimeter defense).  
  • Vince Carter. LOL.
  • The Thunder’s 2-man combo is not Russ and KD, its KD and Harden. 
  • Mavericks have to win some big road games to extend this series (or end it early) and they have the veterans to do it. 

Western Conference Semi-Finals 

Spurs vs Grizz: Grizz in 7
  • I don’t feel good about this one because this is the series the Spurs have been thinking about for a year so expect revenge.  The Grizz have the toughness to beat-up the Spurs over a 7-game series.  
  • Tony Allen will be the reason they win or lose this series.  
  • Zach Randolph is still chubby…but damn good.  
  • I’ll update this after the first round is over
Lakers vs Thunder: Thunder in 5
  • Kobe has all sorts of issues.  The Lakers get frustrated with Harden and fall apart like they did last year against the Mavericks.  
  • Thunder blow out the Lakers in the Elbow Game if Harden isn’t out the second half.
  • Fisher serves as an advanced scout for the Thunder and outs all the weaknesses of the Lakers. 
  • Thunder have the size and toughness to end an era in LA.  Gasol traded after the season.  
  • Bynum is exposed and placed on the trading block. 

Western Conference Finals 

Thunder vs Grizz: Thunder in 7
  • Holy smokes this is going to be a badass series! 
  • I’ll update this when we get closer to the series.  
  • Home court wins it…Thunder move on.  
Eastern Conference

Bulls vs 76ers: Bulls in 7

  • Another tough first round series for the Bulls.  
  • Derrick Rose playing 7 games and breaking down is going to be an issue in the next round. 
  • Fan will get behind the 76ers.  What a fantastic team! 

Celtics vs ATL: Celtics in 6

  • Haven’t watched enough of the Hawks to really break this one down. 
  • Avery Bradley & Ray Allen…I’m proud of the inconsistent Bradley finding a groove and putting up some stats, and playing some defense, while filling in for Allen.  
  • The Celtics have one more good run left and they should take care of business against the Hawks.  

Pacers vs Orlando: Pacers in 5

  • Even with Dwight Howard playing I would’ve picked the Pacers.  This team is deep and hungry.  
  • Dwight Howard is T-mac 2.0

Miami vs Knicks: Miami in 5

  • Sam Mitchell picked the Knicks to win this series and get to the ECF.  LOL
  • Miami runs through the Knicks.  Get some rest Wade. 

Easter Conference Semi-Finals 

Bulls vs Celtics: Bulls in 7

  • If Derrick Rose is healthy (crossed fingers) this series is most. def going to the Bulls.  Unhealthy D-Rose will result in Rajon averaging a near triple-double in the series.  
  • How many fights will breakout in this series?? KG vs Noah will happen, 4 times.  

Miami vs Pacers: Miami in 6

  • Pacers are plenty deep and tough to give Miami a run. 
  • Miami is the best team in the Eastern Conf. and they’ll run through this series.  
  • Don’t forget about the motivation for the Heat and losing in the Finals.  

Eastern Conference Finals

Miami vs Bulls: Heat in 6

  • Wade takes over and the Heat’s defense wins this series. 
  • LeBron will also have a magical series. 

NBA Finals

Thunder vs Heat: Heat in 6

  • Will preview this when we get to the Finals. 
  • LeBron gets his first and we can all say it was in a short season so it doesn’t count. 

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